VIA and China celebrates 10-year anniversary

From the left: Denmark's ambassador in China, Friis Arne Petersen, CIT president Li Wenhu and prorector of VIA, Peter Friese. Gathered at the 10-year anniversary of a cooperation between CIT and VIA.

For 10 years, VIA University College and Changzhou Institute of Technology have cooperated on a number of educational programmes. The successful partnership was celebrated on November 3rd in China. In addition to VIA and CIT, participants included the Danish Ambassador and Chinese educational authorities 

By Camilla Victoria Marcinkowski, journalist, VIA University College, cama@via.dk

10 years ago, Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT), located in the Jiangsu province of Eastern China, discovered Danish pedagogy and childhood education. 

The prestigious Chinese university formed a partnership with VIA University College, Denmark’s largest educator of childhood specialists, on exchanging students and faculty and developing courses and programmes. 

Today, the partnership has expanded to include other areas, including construction engineering, business, and starting in 2015 civil engineering. 

Good academic match

"We are extremely pleased with our partnership with CIT. There is a good match between our academic offerings, which means the cooperation benefits both of our institutions, our students and faculty," says Peter Friese, pro-rector of VIA University College. 

In early November, Peter Friese lead a delegation from VIA to Changzhou for the anniversary celebration. He spoke of an increasing Chinese interest for VIA’s approach to education. 

"We experience a great interest in VIA's practice-oriented approach. Today, Chinese universities need to prepare students better to work in areas such as pre-schools, elderly care and engineering. As a Danish university college, we have a lot to offer in these exact areas," Peter Friese says. 

Education and exchange of knowhow 

Representatives of the Chinese educational authorities and the Danish Ambassador to China, Friis Arne Petersen, spoke at the anniversary celebration. 

"The partnership between VIA and CIT is a good example of how Denmark and China can exchange knowledge and skills through education," Friis Arne Petersen said. 

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