Beijing Film Academy partners with VIA

The delegation from Beijing Film Academy visits VIA Film & Transmedia in Denmark. Number 3 from the right is Dean of BFA, Mrs. Song Jing.

The highest ranked film academy in China, number three worldwide, visited VIA in Denmark to expand a strong partnership in film and transmedia.

By Camilla Marcinkowski, journalist, VIA University College

On October 3rd, Dean Song Jing from Beijing Film Academy (BFA), lead a delegation from the esteemed institution to Aarhus, Denmark, to participate in an art exhibition.

The exhibition at VIA University College was a showcase of a one-year-long photography project for students from VIA film and transmedia and BFA. The so-called "Cross Continents Baton Art Project" consisted of film and photographs sent back and forth between students in China and Denmark.

"We are so happy to have Dean Song Jing and the delegation from BFA here in Aarhus for the exhibition. This is just one result of a partnership that we expect to grow over the coming months and years," says Louis Thonsgaard, Director of Studies and Research at VIA Film & Transmedia.

One result of the talks between the two institutions is that students and graduates from Beijing Film Academy will be studying at VIA's international semester titled "The fashion experience - film and transmedia storytelling." The programme has already attracted strong interest in Denmark and internationally as students learn to combine their film and transmedia skills in a design and fashion context.

Another result of the partnership between VIA and BFA is that Louis Thonsgaard has been invited to represent all of the non-Chinese university institutions at the award show for China's largest photo-competition "The Golden Colt Cup".

In addition, a new art project with participation of students from both VIA and CIT is currently being planned.

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