Clean air and blue sky

Wu Shan from China.

Nurse Students Wu Shan from China is very grateful for her chance to come to summer school in Aarhus. She dreams of getting back to VIA on exchange.

By Lone Vestergaard Andersen, lva@via.dk

"If you study hard and get good grades at my university, you may be lucky to get the chance to come to Denmark and attend the Summer School. I am very grateful to get the chance, as I would like to travel abroad and expand my horizons and see new things," says 20-year-old Wu Shan.

She is in her second year of studying to become a nurse at Sichuan University in Chengdu, a Chinese city with 10 million inhabitants.

"China is very different from Denmark. We have skyscrapers and the buses are overcrowded. Here the houses are very low and there is plenty of room in the city buses and on the street. The sky is very blue, and the air is much cleaner than I am used to. People must be very happy in Denmark," says Wu Shan.

Rye bread? No thank you

However, she misses the food from China and has ended up eating at McDonald's several times because it is familiar and cheap.

"Here in Denmark people eat a lot of bread and cold food, which is hard getting used to. In China, we mostly eat warm food like rice and noodles. I have tried rye bread, and it tasted ok. But to eat it every day? No thanks," says Wu Shan with an infectious laugh.

"The school system is very different than what I am used to. At VIA, there are many tables and sofas where students can sit in small groups and work and talk together. At my university in Chengdu, we have only large classrooms with many students in each."
She dreams, at a later time in her nursing degree of four years, of returning to Aarhus, through an exchange program at VIA.

"If I study really hard, I may succeed. I have sent pictures from Aarhus to my parents and friends at home. They all think that it is SO beautiful here, and they wish that they could travel here too. My parents are very proud. I feel very fortunate to be here," says Wu Shan. She thinks that the summer school's theme about dementia and health technology is interesting and has been very inspired, as the Danish health system is very different from the Chinese.