Danish-Chinese double degree is popular

The Danish-Chinese double degree consists of three years of study in China followed by one year at VIA in Aarhus. As a result, students come out as international candidates with strong English skills.

Chinese pre-schools look for employees with skills in Danish-style education. VIA and CIT’s Danish-Chinese double degree in social education is famous in the Jiangsu Province.

By journalist Camilla Marcincowski, cama@via.dk

In 2012, China’s Ministry of Education approved a double degree programme in Social Education from VIA University College and Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT). 

The bachelor’s degree consists of three years of studies in China followed by one year at VIA’s Faculty of Education & Social Studies in Aarhus. Students receive a diploma from both universities. 

Danish pre-school education is popular 

In only a few years, The Danish-Chinese double degree has become famous in the Jiangsu Province in East China, where CIT is located. 

The reason is that the Chinese pre-schools look for employees with creative skills and English proficiency, says Zhu Juanfen, lecturer and manager of CIT’s Department of International Exchange & Cooperation. 

More and more international staff move to Changzhou, and the rising Chinese middle class demands staff with international skills. And Danish pedagogy/social education is known for its high quality, says Zhu Juanfen. 

Danish nursery schools are fairytales 

Since 2004, VIA and CIT have collaborated on the exchange of students and staff. For that reason, the Chinese university knows VIA’s bachelor programmes well. 

”VIA has an advanced programme and Denmark has extraordinary day care centres,” says Zhu Juanfen. 

The Chinese are trained in innovation and teamwork 

According to the professor, Chinese students who earn the double-degree gain both professional and personal qualifications in Denmark. Among other things, they learn to work independently, understand cultural differences and they improve their English. 

Outstanding possibilities for Danish teachers 

According to Kirsten Due Kjeldsen, Associate Professor and International Coordinator at VIA’s Faculty of Education & Social Studies, Denmark benefits extensively from collaborating with Chinese universities. 

VIA’s instructors teach in China during the first three years of the programme. 

“This offers a unique opportunity to strengthen our international skills. As instructors we have the opportunity to test and tailor our respective subjects to a very different cultural context,” says Kirsten Due Kjeldsen. 

According to the Danish professor, VIA is well-known in large parts of the Jiangsu province and universities in other parts of China have made inquiries about setting up similar double degree programme. 

China will not copy 

Zhu Juanfen emphasises that although China is keen to learn from the Danish approach to social education, it does not look to copy it directly. 

“It is important to adapt the Danish methods to the Chinese system and routines in Chinese daycare institutions,” says Zhu Juanfen. 

For additional information, please contact

Kirsten Due Kjeldsen, Associate Professor & International Coordinator 
VIA Faculty of Education & Social Studies 
VIA University College 

T: +45 87 55 35 32 
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Facts about VIA-CIT double degree in social education 

  • The double degree programme is a 3 + 1 bachelor’s degree. The students study 3 years in China and the final year in Denmark. They receive diplomas from both countries
  • The first students graduated in 2013. In total, 109 Chinese students have graduated from the international programme at CIT and 21 students have earned a double degree  
  • The Chinese students pay VIA a tuition fee of DKK 70,000 per study year. Some students receive a grant from the Danish State. VIA’s revenue covers 3 to 4 full-year equivalents 
  • VIA has double degree programmes with other Chinese universities and within other professions