Danish way of life is on display in China

Denmark Week is a showcase for Danish eldercare, pre-school education and sustainable technologies.

In the following week, the metropolis of Chengdu in Western China will be the host of a “Denmark Week”. The week will be a showcase for Danish pedagogy and pre-schools, eldercare, design and environmental solutions.

By Communications officer Søren Lund, solu@via.dk

During the week of September 14th-19th in Chengdu, Danish flags, Danish songs and skills will proliferate. The city of Chengdu in cooperation with VIA University College, Horsens and Hedensted municipalities, the Central Denmark Region and Social- and Sundhedsskolen will host “Denmark Week”. 

On display will be Danish lifestyle, technology, design, elderly care and early childhood pedagogy. The week includes workshops, official celebrations and cultural activities. The goal is to strengthen Danish-Chinese cooperation by sharing and creating new knowledge. 

“Denmark Week is a promotional platform. But it is also an opportunity to increase the understanding between Denmark and China,” says Director of VIA International, Rikke Nielsen. 

In 2013, the municipalities of Chengdu and Horsens in cooperation with VIA hosted a “Denmark Day”. The day was such a success that Chengdu has expanded it to last a full week. 

Chinese kids will sing songs 

Among the activities for Denmark Week, two VIA-students will premiere a film about Horsens and Chengdu. This will happen at a celebratory event, where in addition the Horsens artist, Anders Boysen, will teach Chinese kids to sing songs made for the occasion. 

Also on display will be a “playroom of the future”. The Danish firm Zeso Architects will cooperate with Chinese students to build a playroom that will challenge children’s imagination. To top this up, students from VIA Design in cooperation with Chinese design students will develop a children’s clothing collection and have a fashion show. 

VIA creates possibilities for students

For VIA, Denmark week is also about creating international opportunities for students, faculty and staff. 

“We want to give out students and faculty more options for taking part of their education or an internship in China. We also would like to have more Chinese students and faculty come to Denmark. Research collaboration, such as within environmental solutions and elderly care, is an additional focus for us,” Rikke Nielsen says. 

Mayor sees export opportunities for local businesses

The mayor of Horsens, Perter Sørensen, says Denmark Week is also a way to pursue exporting opportunities. 

“China is very interested in Danish culture and lifestyle. So there is a focus on the cultural aspects of Denmark Week. But we also see an interest in Danish pedagogy, technology, design and elderly care. And this is where Danish businesses, in cooperation with educational institutions and local governments, can play a role,” says Peter Sørensen, who is also Chairman of the Board at VIA. 

Peter Sørensen emphasizes that Denmark can learn a great deal from China – as the two countries deal with a lot of the same challenges. This includes an increasing number of elderly and ill people as well as climate and environment challenges. 

“I don’t see Denmark Week solely as a celebration of Denmark. It most definitely goes the other way as well,” he says. 

The municipalities of Horsens and Chengdu already have a sistercity partnership. 

For further information, please contact: 

Peter Sørensen 
Mayor of Horsens and Chairman of the Board at VIA University College 
T: + 45 76 29 20 01 
E: borgmester@horsens.dk

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