Continued collaboration between TCU, VIA and the city of Tianjin

Chairman of Tianjin Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Mr. Sheng and Vice President at VIA Peter Friese exchanged gifts.

In early November, a delegation with members from the municipal council of the city of Tianjin, Northern China and Tianjin Chengjian University (Tianjin Urban Construction University) visited VIA Campus N to discuss current collaboration and expansion thereof.

By Communication Officer Ditte Lund

VIA has been collaborating with TCU for around 15 years on, among other things, a double degree in Construction Management – a discipline that is in high demand in the rapidly developing urban area of Tianjin. Double degrees are developed in collaboration between two teaching institutions, who puts together a teaching programme with the best each institution has to offer. In this case, Chinese students take the first two semesters of the programme in Tianjin, taught by lecturers from TCU. The following four semesters include selected modules taught by lecturers from VIA and for the final three semesters, the students travel to Denmark to complete their studies at VIA Campus Horsens. The first students of the programme graduated in 2017. At the meeting, both parties expressed wishes to consolidate and expand the collaboration to other areas of common interest.

Interest in broader collaboration
Tianjin is the largest port city in Northern China and has a population of app. 16 million people and 56 universities and as the Chairman of Tianjin Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Mr. Sheng expressed at the meeting: “We depend on education for our local talent to keep developing our region. Many aspects of VIA’s teaching methods and organisation are of interest to us and we are here to learn from you. We depend on internationalisation and cooperation with universities around the world to continue our development as a city and as a country.” Especially, engineering skills are in high demand in China at the moment due to a construction boom in the cities, but other disciplines, in which VIA holds special knowledge, are needed too, e.g. know-how within health care and early childhood education.
Pro Rector at VIA Peter Friese said: “We would very much like to collaborate with Tianjin on the municipal level. We can get inspired by other Chinese cities, e.g. Chengdu, where we do the same within early childhood and primary school education.” Both parties concluded the meeting with mutual invitations for further discussion of future collaboration.

International influences for VIA
Collaboration across borders not only provides financial gain for VIA, but just as important, also contributes to develop the international skills of lecturers and other VIA employees involved. Employees going abroad will gain new ideas, language, cultural and professional skills that can be passed to students and colleagues at home. Skills that are in high demand in today’s work market. Likewise, the Chinese TCU students traveling to Denmark to study provides an international learning environment for their Danish peers.

Facts on TCU:

  • Translated the name means “Tianjin Urban Construction University”
  • Established in 1978
  • One of the frontrunners of urban construction universities in China
  • Located 120 km south of Beijing
  • Around 18,000 students and 1,400 staff members


Facts on Tianjin:

  • Fourth largest city in China
  • App. 16 million inhabitants
  • 56 universities
  • Dates back to 1404