We tailor Danish knowhow to China  

We offer consultancy services that build on Danish knowhow and professional education. We tailor our services to Chinese culture and specific needs.

VIA established our first partnership in China in 2001. Today, we cooperate with esteemed universities and private companies as well as with Danish and Chinese authorities, including consulates and regional governments.

To further our cooperation in China, we have establised an office in Chengdu.

China is looking for inspiration on how to handle the country's eldercare, water and environmental challenges as well as preschool education. We train professionals for Chinese kindergartens, schools, and preschools, eldercare services and companies.

VIA's courses and consultancy services build on our academic partnerships with esteemed Chinese educational institutions as well as our collaboration with authorities and professional practice. As a result, we are able to tailor our Danish knowhow to the Chinese culture and our partners' specific needs.

We always welcome opportunities for new partnerships.

Areas of expertise

Early years education: Pre-schools & Pr