Research in engineering, energy and environment  

VIA carries out research on energy and water, resilience and sustainability. Our researchers are international experts in their fields.

Our research centres

VIA Building, Energy & Environment
Climate change calls for new solutions.

VIA Building, Energy & Environment develops new knowledge about limiting consumption, protecting, storing and recycling resources such as water and energy.

We carry out applied research in close cooperation with partners from the industry. We look at the following areas:

Geothermal energy and energy storage

Renewable energy is a very hot topic all over the world. We conduct applied research and development within geothermal energy and energy storage. We focus on how to utilise the soil for both energy extraction, geothermal energy, energy storage and cooling.

Energy efficient building renovation

By 2050 energy efficient renovation of the existing buildings in Denmark should reduce Danish heat consumption by 35%. This is according to the Danish government’s Renovation Strategy. Achieving this goal requires construction and engineering solutions that meet the barriers in relation to energy, which are characteristic of energy efficient building renovation projects.

Water and the environment

Water and the environment is very much about management of resources or development of new resources as a supplement or replacement of scarce resources. Our focus is on ground water supply, ground water protection, wastewater supply and soil remediation. Our targeted efforts and focus on applied research and development within water and the environment have brought us to a lead position in the area – in Denmark and internationally.

Energy efficiency

We conduct applied research within efficient use of energy in the system and plant level. We create knowledge of process optimization and the utilisation of waste heat from wastewater treatment plants and in industry. We conduct research into the efficient use of energy storage and heat pumps – locally and in district heating systems.

For more information, please contact:

Lotte Thøgersen, Director of Research, PhD
T: +45 87 55 41 91

VIA Energy & Environment
The world needs resilience to water and climate challenges.

VIA Energy & Environment is an internationally recognised research group. The group has specialist knowledge about geothermal heating, energy storage and water resources, among other things.

The group studies the challenges globally on energy and the environment. Researchers look at:


  • Geothermal heating
  • Cooling
  • Energy storage


  • Soil and soil contamination
  • Water resources

For more information, please contact:

Lotte Thøgersen, Director of Research, PhD
T: +45 87 55 41 91